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  1. What makes The Builders Register one of the leading directory sites?
    We have 100% original listing. We review all businesses listed with us and only list the ones that provide genuine and quality services. Every listing is of premium quality with its dedicated page link or URL.
  2. Why should the businesses’ information be updated on a regular basis?
    Updating business information on a regular basis helps you keep a comprehensive track of the leads. If someone searches for builders in London, trying to locate a service provider in London, and calls a number that is no longer in use, then you lose a valuable lead.
  3. What kind of information is required to be submitted for listing?
    To list your business with us, you need to submit the business contact details, detailed addresses, service descriptions, categories of services, hours of operation, methods of payment, customer reviews, offer/s (if any), as many as four logos of the business and photos of the business site.
  4. Who checks out the information?
    Every day there are several thousands of people who search for general builders in the UK on the Internet. They might as well look upon your business through The Builders Register.